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Covering an area of about 5000 square meters, it is a comprehensive production enterprise focusing on the production of various specifications paint brush, roller brush, sponge brush, head brush, industrial brush, steel wire brush and plastic products.

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Town of wood brush - Youfang Town, Yangzhong
Youfang town in Yangzhong used to be famous for squeezing soybean oil, but now it is the hometown of wood brush.
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Have you used all kinds of paintbrushes correctly?
In the oil painting process, the oil paintbrush plays the most basic function.Owning a handy paintbrush can bring more fun to the artist's creation.The selection of oil paint brushes depends on the painting technique.
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No need to worry about dirty cups with sponge cup brush
The sponge color of this sponge cup brush is rose red, full of elasticity, and feels particularly comfortable. In short, the sponge brush is very good. It is made of three small pieces of sponge and w
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How should novices choose their own paint brush
There are two types of oil paint brushes used for painting oil paintings according to the material of the paint brush, soft-bristled oil brush and hard-bristled oil brush. Here I will analyze and intr
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How long can I stay in after painting? How to remove paint smell
Paint is indispensable in home decoration, whether it is wall, floor or furniture. It can not only protect walls and furniture, but also beautify the environment and enhance the beauty of the room. Many paints on the market will give off some smell after painting, which has an impact on our health. How long can I stay in after painting? How to remove the smell of paint? Let me learn how long I can stay in after painting!
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My company is engaged in wooden handle plastic 
finished paint brush is engaged in wooden handle 
handle bristle.


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